Loneliness will get you in trouble


We all have those moments when we feel overwhelmed by our situations. When it seems like everyone around you is living life happy and carefree while you go home, stuff yourself with fatty snacks, and cry your eyes out. When the world around you seems like it’s moving so fast without you. When you can’t seem to understand how your life ended up such a wreck. How you ended up alone and heartbroken again and again. It’s in those times when we make some of the worst decisions and let some of the most questionable people in our lives. All trying to fill a void, trying to pack the emptiness we feel on the inside. There have been many days and many nights I laid on my face crying my eyes out asking God “why?”. Just wanting someone to understand me. Wanting desperately for someone to “get” me and love me wholeheartedly. It’s in those moments of desperation you have to be very careful not run to the wrong things or the wrong people. In desperation, we accept and put up with things that are way beneath us. We say and do things we would never do if we had our heads on straight. I want to encourage you today to not let your loneliness make you abandon your standard. Don’t let the hurt of the past determine your future. Your time is coming. Don’t rush it. If you settle, you are doomed to repeat the same cycle over and over. Let’s be better. Let’s love better. Let’s live better. Let’s go through the process with patience so that we can receive the greatness God has for us.  Remember, know who you are.  Be confident, be courageous, be you!!!  🙂


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